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Habitat Restoration & Managing Open Space

Grazing for Weed Control

LSLM Open Space Management provides ongoing and integrative solutions designed specifically to increase the ecological and economic viability of lands.  Through our various partnerships within the land management and agricultural communities, LSLM provides ecological stewardship service of public and private lands.

Stewardship services provide multi-year management of valuable ecological resources.  Our service provides long range planning and development strategies for clients, focusing on the implementation of cost efficient and ecological solutions for:

      - Habitat Restoration
      - Invasive Plant Management / Weed Control
      - Grassland Management
      - Fuel management

      - Managed Grazing Operations, including

                          Riparian Managed Grazing

We develop and implement strategies which create economic opportunity and maintain lands in perpetuity.
In addition to our work with grazing / browsing
animals, LSLM coordinates and administers
small and large-scale restoration projects
using hand labor crews and mechanical technology when appropriate.  LSLM combines the latest restoration technologies, including hydroseeding and hydromulching, with a skilled human labor force.

Restoration Services

     - Pulling
     - Selective Mowing
     - Disking (tractor)
     - Solarizing
     - hand application of native and pioneer
            grass seed
     - Hydroseeding
     - Hydromulching
     - Pruning
     - Raking
     - Sickle Bar Mower (tractor)
     - Flail Mower (tractor)
     - Brush Rake (tractor)

vegetation management Services
Restoration Services
      - Fire Safe Native Landscaping
      - Erosion Control
      - Weed Abatement/Removal
      - Brush Removal
      - Management and Removal of Himalayan
                Blackberry and Poison Oak
      - Yellow / Purple Star Thistle Abatement
      - Native Grass / Plant Restoration