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Living Systems provides grazing services for clients throughout California.  As grazing providers we offer the most comprehensive and secure management of sensitive sites near roadways and in high traffic residential neighborhoods.  In addition to state of the art high quality 8 wire electric mesh fencing - 8 horizontal electrified poly-wire lines 48 inches high - LSLM utilizes permanent and semi-permanent fence structures to increase animal containment in high traffic areas near major freeway and highways.  All electric fencing is charged by high voltage low amperage fire safe chargers powered by deep cycle batteries that are continually replenished by a dedicated solar voltaic cell.  In order to ensure proper voltage levels in electric fence paddocks, shepherds frequently check the voltage and condition of all fence lines.  At night, a voltage sensitive metering system indicates when proper voltage is maintained, and signals a drop in voltage levels.  These meters can be easily read from over 700 ft in the dark, as they emit either a green or red LED light depending on the status of fencline voltage.  Additionally, all sites are staffed 24 hours by one or more shepherds who can be reached anytime by cellphone.  Field managers make daily site visits to ensure site quality and to monitor grazing progress closely to prevent overgrazing, erosion and/or undergrazing.  Field managers are also responsible for paddock design and maintenance, community outreach, site setup and cleanup.  Managers are also available 24/7 on a dedicated cell line.

Providing an efficient and reliable on-call service requires the coordination of a fleet of trucks and trailers. LSLM partners with a variety of local and regional animal transport services and maintains our own fleet of trucks and trailers allowing us to safely and quickly deliver large or small herds to multiple locations simultaneously and efficiently.  Our smaller trailers can easily accommodate 150 large goats, while the larger multiple axle vehicles can carry 500 + animals.  LSLM also maintains potable water delivery systems that can easily deliver water over a quarter of a mile from a tank or other water source.  These systems increase our effectiveness in remote areas or areas that have little or no access to public water resources.

Our shepherds are highly experienced, many having worked with animals all their lives, and some having been with us for five grazing seasons.  LSLM also employs the use of highly trained and seasoned herding dogs, capable of managing animals quietly and effectively with little direction.  We invite all our clients to explore our website for more information regarding past and current projects, company philosophy and standards and to visit us in person to meet our team of shepherds, managers and animals.  LSLM can also be contracted to plan, direct and oversee grazing projects and to provide site management and supervision of sensitive and difficult grazing projects throughout California.  LSLM is dedicated to ecological and humane grazing management. We endeavor to provide a sustainable and cost-effective service focused on reliability, accountability and grazing quality.

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