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Fire Break Options


Flash Graze is a short duration graze timed to optimally reduce fuel load during the fire season.  A herd of trained goats and / or sheep contained in portable 'low impact' electric fence, along with a shepherd and site manager, will ensure fuel break compliance to municipal code. 


Green Break involves the integration and management of a functional Firesafe ecosystem into Interface/Intermix zones that are ecologically unbalanced and therefore prone to wildfire.A green break is a living firebreak that consists largely of native vegetation of  Type I Fuel. (light Fuel) Through multiyear rotational grazing fuels are continually modified so that spatial distance between plants is increased/increasing, moisture content of plants is consistently high, ladder fuels are decreased/eliminated, and the amount of combustible vegetation is continually diminished. What’s more is the shift towards fire resistant vegetation is perpetuated.  


Ecological Fuel Modification Plan / Customized Fire Break     The most cost efficient and effective method for fire mitigation and fuel break maintenance involves customization of Vegetation Management over a 3-5 year period. A significant reduction of annual management cost can be realized through multiyear fuel modification planning. Customizing a fuel break integrates grazing routines with conventional mechanical treatment in order to shift and modify fuels quickly and ecologically. Fuel Modification takes time and planning, as many factors contribute to the type and amount of fuel that a fire break will sustain. Fuel Modification is a multifaceted ecological process where variables such as soil, hydrology, plant type and fuel type all must be considered as the basis for effective and sustainable creation of an ecological fuel management system.