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Carbon Credits Program


Carbon Sequestration refers to any practice that removes carbon from the atmosphere and or stores/sequesters carbon, thus preventing carbon from entering the atmosphere. Carbon Sequestration can play a significant role in the reduction of pollutants which contribute to the processes of global warming and climate change. Additionally, Carbon Sequestration in soils increases the agricultural viability and resource value of soil by mitigating the effects of Carbon loss through common “disruptive” agricultural methods and routines-such as Disking and Tilling, application of chemical fertilizers, absence of adequate cover crops and over farming of depleted soils.

Grasslands contribute to soil organic matter, mostly in the form of roots, and much of this organic matter can remain unoxidized for long periods.”

Through local and international Carbon Credit programs and through businesses such as Living Systems Land Management individuals and government and private corporate entities can mitigate their “carbon Footprint” and become Carbon neutral. Through various programs businesses are offered incentives through Carbon Credit and emission trading programs to offset their polluting activities by  earning Carbon Credit which ultimately fund non polluting “green” projects that ostensibly offset any activities that pollute and release carbon into the atmosphere.

Currently Carbon Credits are available through LSLM projects- Carbon Sequestration, NO Till Farming, Fossil Fuel Use Reduction, Grassland and Habitat Restoration, Fire Mitigation Project and most other Goat and Grazing based services are practical methods that reduce carbon emissions; and can merit Carbon Credit through LSLM’s Carbon Credit Program..